Lost wax casting offers huge design advantages, high freedom of design and can substantially reduce cost-intensive machining of the parts.

It also ensures high dimensional accuracy and surface quality, and can be used for all common metal alloys. 
The process, using wax models, requires a high manual input. Despite this, the large design scope and low wage costs at our suppliers mean we can often supply your components cost-effectively even in medium-size batches.

We distinguish between two types:

Lost wax casting with green wax

This process is generally known as investment casting, and is ideal for the highest requirements of surface quality and dimensional accuracy. For more details, see Technical Data Sheet VDG P 690.

Lost wax casting with yellow wax

This process is a reduced variant of investment casting and can be considered a Chinese speciality. While it offers the same design advantages, it uses cheaper materials (wax, sand and slip) that cut costs and make production of your components even more cost-effective. This method is often used where the very highest surface requirements are not essential and somewhat wider tolerances can be accepted, see also the table Achievable tolerances to DIN EN ISO 8062-3.

CFT Hanseguss has been cooperating for many years with renowned forging companies that use modern forging presses with various press forces to produce high-quality parts. To determine which manufacturing process is best, we look above all at the function of the component and the type of stress acting on it.

Forging creates certain material properties, in particular a defined, continuous grain structure in the direction of the principle stress.

Closed-die forging is mainly used for parts under high mechanical stress and/or with relevance for safety and with small cross-sections.

After forging, they undergo thermal treatment to achieve the required final properties. 
Almost all common metal alloys are suitable for forging.

Of course we also supply parts produced by traditional sand casting.
The process is ideal for parts with few details and high dimensional accuracy requirements. Compared to investment casting and closed-die forging, the model costs are usually lower and the lead time shorter.

Apart from working with forming technology companies, CFT Hanseguss also cooperates with machining specialists.

That means we can supply completely finished parts. Our partners in China work with CNC, cycle-controlled and conventional machines to machine the unfinished parts manufactured in the casting shops and foundries.

To complete our programme, we can also supply welding and assembly work, giving you the extra option of complex assemblies.

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Working with CFT Hanseguss makes communication much easier. There's no need for you to learn a foreign language (especially Chinese) or attend courses such as "How to present your business card in China". We simplify your communication and bring your manufacturer closer to you.

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With CFT Hanseguss you can do without your own import department. Instead, you can deploy your personnel more effectively. You save vast amounts of money on expensive local agencies or trips to suppliers which would otherwise be necessary several times a year or before each dispatch. What's more, we can usually offer you very competitive prices and short delivery periods. All in all, we effectively help you save time and money.

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You prefer to buy your goods in euros and at a clearly defined price? You want free-house deliveries without having to take care of customs handling? You need quality assurance according to DIN or ISO or have individual requirements the supplier must meet?
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