You can rely on us for products that match your drawings and specifications to the letter. They are manufactured, processed and assembled by suppliers in China personally selected and constantly checked by us.

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Focus on your core business while we take care of supplier selection, enquiries, technical discussions, quality assurance, packaging, shipping and prompt delivery of your goods.

Our many years of experience in importing castings and forgings from the Far East and our on-site presence - close to you as well as the suppliers - are our great strengths and your great advantage.

Tabakquartier Bremen

Our headquarters are located in the historic factory of the Tabakquartier, a growing urban development area in Bremen's Woltmershausen district.

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Our service

Availability and communication

Working with CFT Hanseguss makes communication much easier. There's no need for you to learn a foreign language (especially Chinese) or attend courses such as "How to present your business card in China". We simplify your communication and bring your manufacturer closer to you.

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That saves time, work and money

With CFT Hanseguss you can do without your own import department. Instead, you can deploy your personnel more effectively. You save vast amounts of money on expensive local agencies or trips to suppliers which would otherwise be necessary several times a year or before each dispatch. What's more, we can usually offer you very competitive prices and short delivery periods. All in all, we effectively help you save time and money.

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Risk avoidance and quality assurance

You prefer to buy your goods in euros and at a clearly defined price? You want free-house deliveries without having to take care of customs handling? You need quality assurance according to DIN or ISO or have individual requirements the supplier must meet?
 Then CFT Hanseguss is the right partner for you.

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Our second home is in Shanghai, from here we accompany our suppliers before, during and after the production of your parts. This local presence in China is our biggest advantage, which we are happy to share with you.

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