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Castings and forgings made of steel are often very similar in their type and composition – they are, however, usually intended to fulfil a very specific purpose, for example as a component of a machine. As importers, we at CFT Hanseguss, together with our partners, have over 20 years of experience in realising unique customer ideas and customised components. On this page you can find out how we work with your idea and incorporate your requirements, how your components are manufactured, what materials we use and what other things we take care of for you.

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Our services

How we implement your project

Are you planning a project for which you require steel components? Can you provide us with 2D or 3D drawings? Then we are in the perfect starting position: Feel free to contact us by phone or email, or come and see us in person in Bremen. In an initial meeting we will together look at how we can realise your project. We will be happy to provide you with advice on the selection of the most suitable material and the optimum manufacturing process.

We do not have a catalogue or a shop window – instead, we arrange for customised production tailored exactly to your wishes

How we deliver your drawing-based parts – in 5 steps

The production of your drawing-based parts takes place in China. And because we are represented locally ourselves, we have a distinct advantage. Our specialists know the market in detail, speak Chinese in various dialects and know how to connect the different economic cultures thanks to their years of experience. 

  1. Our employees go to selected suppliers with your drawings and product requirements. We then receive the quotations from our Chinese partners.
  2. With the quotations from China, we are able to calculate the other cost factors – for example, packaging, transport, customs clearance and storage costs. Because we even take care of all these organisational matters for you. After the cost calculation, you will receive a quotation from us.
  3. After receiving your sampling order, the next step is usually the production of a manufacturing tool by the selected supplier. In any event, approval samples are sent to us by courier. We then forward these to you without delay, together with the initial sample test reports.
  4. If the samples meet your requirements, series production can be started in whatever quantity you require. But not without our expert eye for perfection: In order to assure ourselves of the quality of the workmanship, our experts are regularly on site at the respective suppliers.
  5. Once the series parts arrive at our Bremen warehouse, we carry out rigorous incoming goods inspections before the goods are finally forwarded to you.

Our many years of experience in importing castings and forgings from the Far East combined with our local presence are our greatest strengths and your greatest benefit.

It usually takes a number of months from the first consultation to the final delivery of the requested parts – the sea transport alone takes about four weeks. However, it is important to us that you can count on holding precisely the product you imagined in your hands at the end of the production process. For this reason, we also carry out in-depth quality checks on incoming goods at our warehouse in Bremen.

Our drawing-based parts are very wide-ranging thanks to our many years of partnership with foundries, forging companies and mechanical processors in China, as well as our long-standing contacts with suppliers in Germany in the fields of surface treatment, assembly and machining. Our very special advantage is that, in addition to the import and storage of parts, we can also provide the further processing of castings and forgings and any necessary assembly work.

“Even if challenges arise, we never run away.” 

Thomas Dehn, Managing Director

Our service

Availability and communication

Working with CFT Hanseguss makes communication much easier. There's no need for you to learn a foreign language (especially Chinese) or attend courses such as "How to present your business card in China". We simplify your communication and bring your manufacturer closer to you.

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That saves time, work and money

With CFT Hanseguss you can do without your own import department. Instead, you can deploy your personnel more effectively. You save vast amounts of money on expensive local agencies or trips to suppliers which would otherwise be necessary several times a year or before each dispatch. What's more, we can usually offer you very competitive prices and short delivery periods. All in all, we effectively help you save time and money.

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Risk avoidance and quality assurance

You prefer to buy your goods in euros and at a clearly defined price? You want free-house deliveries without having to take care of customs handling? You need quality assurance according to DIN or ISO or have individual requirements the supplier must meet?
 Then CFT Hanseguss is the right partner for you.

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The various manufacturing processes for your drawing-based parts

Individual ideas require individual manufacturing processes. We have therefore not committed ourselves to a single process, but we have a wealth of experience in investment casting, closed-die forging, sand casting and other processes. Here we will provide you with an overview. 

Investment casting

The “lost wax casting” process has enormous design advantages and a high degree of design flexibility, and can significantly reduce the cost-intensive machining of the parts. With this process we achieve high dimensional accuracy and surface quality. We can make all common metallic material alloys possible. In the lost wax process we work – as the name suggests – with wax models. We basically distinguish between two variants:

  • Lost wax casting with green wax
    This process is generally known as investment casting, and is ideal for the most exacting requirements regarding surface quality and dimensional accuracy. For more details, see Technical Data Sheet VDG P 690.
  • Lost wax casting with yellow wax
    This process is a simplified variant of investment casting and can be regarded as a Chinese speciality. It offers the same design advantages, but can help to save costs, especially through the use of cheaper materials (wax, sand and slip). Components can thus be produced even more cost-effectively. This process is used when the highest surface quality is not essential and some degree of tolerance is acceptable, see also the table Achievable tolerances to DIN EN ISO 8062-3.

Closed-die forging

We have been collaborating for years with tried-and-tested forging companies that have modern forging presses with a wide range of pressing forces and can thus produce drawing-based parts of any quality. To determine which manufacturing process is best, we look above all at the function of the component and the type of stress acting on it. Closed-die forging creates specific material properties, in particular a defined, continuous grain structure in the direction of the principal stress. Our partners mainly forge parts under high mechanical stress and/or safety-relevant parts with small cross-sections in the closed die, which they then refine with thermal treatment.

In brief:

  • Continuous grain structure
  • High forging temperature (1200°C) allows one-piece workpieces with very high dimensional accuracy and improved surface finish for unalloyed steels.
  • Suitable for all common metal alloys

Sand casting

We also use traditional sand casting. Drawing-based parts with few details and without strict requirements on dimensional accuracy are particularly suitable for sand casting. Compared to investment casting and closed-die forging, the model costs are usually lower and the lead time shorter.

In brief:

  • Maximum design flexibility
  • High-quality further processing
  • Time-efficient and flexible in implementation
  • Relatively cost-efficient production

Other manufacturing processes

In addition to the manufacturing companies in the field of forming technology, we also work with competent machining companies. Our partners in China work with CNC, cycle-controlled and conventional machine tools, which they also use to further process the unfinished parts produced at our foundries and forges. We also offer welding and assembly services and are thus able to deliver even the most complex assemblies. 

Do you have any questions? We look forward to answering you.

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Overview: material, processing and surfaces

Producing a steel casting or forging always raises the question of which materials to use. We then also talk to you about the nature of the surfaces and the further processing of steel parts. Here we have put together an overview for you. 

Our manufacturing companies can generally process all common metal alloys. Frequently used types of steel are:

Construction and quality steels, such as:

  • GS20Mn5
  • GS38-GS60, ZG310-570
  • 20CrMo4, 42CrMo4
  • C35, C45
  • St 37-2; St 52-3

Stainless steels, such as:

  • 1.4301, AISI304 (V2A)
  • 1.4581, AISI316 (V4A)
  • 1.4404, AISI316L

One work step is essential when it comes to the mechanical properties of your parts: thermal processing. Our casting and forging suppliers are equipped with modern heat furnaces and other appliances for thermal processing. We are able to influence the structure of the materials by means of various thermal processes. This enables us to achieve the required hardness or strength properties of the drawing-based parts. In particular by tempering metals, our partners achieve optimum strength values for specific steel alloys.

Our castings and forgings can be machined on request. We use all the common machining processes:

  • Drilling
  • Reaming
  • Abrasion
  • Milling
  • Turning
  • Cutting (threads)
  • Grinding

Depending on the required quality and quantity, processing is carried out using both conventional and computer-controlled (CNC) machines.

We can refine the surface of your part to perfectly suit your requirements. The following surface treatments are, for example, possible:

  • Painting and varnishing
  • Hot-dip galvanizing
  • Galvanizing
  • Passivating and sealing
  • Chrome plating
  • Geomet coating
  • Electric polishing
  • High-gloss polishing

We use manufacturing plants in China and Germany depending on the area of application, the requirements (for example corrosion protection), and availability.

Our services for drawing-based parts at a glance

Accessibility and communication

  • With us, you always have a personal contact person who you are able to reach easily. As a rule, we can be on site with you at very short notice (including via our agencies).
  • Because we are also represented in China, we can get all the necessary information to the relevant supplier in a very short time.
  • We speak and understand German: you can speak to us about all technical and commercial matters in your own language and do not need to take the oriental culture into consideration.
  • We also speak Chinese (Mandarin and Cantonese), so we understand our suppliers and they understand us.

By the way: Through our partner companies Berger Industries and ISG Guss, we are represented at various locations in Germany. For you as a customer, this definitely means short distances and fast, uncomplicated accessibility.

Time, labour and cost savings

  • We select suitable suppliers for you and are able to gain insight into the actual production thanks to our on-site representatives. 
  • We advise you on technical feasibility, the optimum manufacturing process and the most suitable material, and communicate your product requirements to the respective supplier.
  • From the sampling stage and approval for series production to shipping, customs clearance and final transport: You receive your goods free house and from a single source, i.e. from us.
  • Because we bundle the requirements of our various customers, we achieve much higher volumes with our suppliers than retailers can. This results in excellent prices and high delivery reliability. 

Risk avoidance and quality assurance

  • We are responsible for the punctual delivery of your goods and have been fulfilling this responsibility with no ifs or buts for many years now.

  • We bear the transport risk and take care of import customs clearance.

  • We fully protect you against any exchange-rate risk.

  • We ensure compliance with all quality requirements.

  • We compile sample test reports in accordance with VDA standards and provide 3.1. works certificates on request.

  • We closely monitor our suppliers. In general, they are DIN or ISO certified. 

CFT stands for Casting-Forging-Trade, because trading with castings and forgings is what we do.

Do you have any questions? We look forward to answering you.

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